Journalist Database update

Here at Gun Nuts Media, we are committed to your safety, which is why we’re offering this update to our Authorized Journalist Database for the Bloomington, IN area.  Now you’ll be able to see on which streets journalists live, and where they congregate so that for your safety you can avoid these areas.

Obviously, we’re providing this a public service to our readers, but there’s more to it than that. You’ll notice on the map that I haven’t published street numbers (with the exception of the business address). The reason for that is that the Herald Times maintains that because they’re not publishing street numbers, that their database is safe. If you look at the map, you’ll see what a crock that is – even in Bloomington, some of the streets that have “reporters” living on them have a very small number of houses.

Contact your legislators today and ask them to support legislation that makes the permit holder database private information.


  1. Caleb,

    You efforts at providing this much-needed public service are appreciated. Perhaps you could also add in the editorial staff, copy-editors, runners, photographers, and freelance stringers. Additionally, the electronic media-types like radio and TV would be a welcome addition. We need to know exactly where these people are located so that we can take the appropriate measures to ensure our safety…



  2. Hurray for the Internet. I am curious to see how this plays out.

    I was a reporter for two different papers, but I cannot imagine any of my editors wanting to pull a stunt like publishing permit-holders’ names.

    Things must be different in Bloomington.

  3. Initially, I was with you on getting access to the permit database closed, but I’ve rethought that. Nope, I want the permit database eliminated altogether. It’s time we join the forward thinking states and eliminate the need for a permit to carry altogether.

  4. Just make sure you’ve got the right people — in the other post you mentioned getting addresses out of the phone book. That works for less commonly named people (who haven’t moved since publication) but you want to be sure semi-“outing” someone doesn’t get the wrong targets. They’d love a story like that.

  5. I have replied to this topic twice and someone keeps erasing my post. I can see free speech is not welcome on this site. I guess if we disagree with Caleb on this topic we are not allowed to post. Weak.

  6. Ok……this is getting out of control ! The HT has had the database up on the website for about a year now ! lol !
    It does not publish anyone’s name or address!! All is does it list how many people on a particular street have a permit. Rememer, the 1st Amendment comes before the 2nd Amendment ! Lighten up people….this hurts no one.

  7. Your’re free to disagree with me, but you posted the same comment on another post word for word. Since the other post is more recent, I left the comment intact over there.

    To Sarah: the database quite easily could allow criminals to select their targets better, putting both gun owners and non-gun owners at risk.

  8. Let’s see to it that sarah’s info is put out publicly.I’m tired of these pinheads not accepting responsibility when someone winds up hurt or killed as a result of a bonehead move.You will notice that HT’s website does not even so much as give reporters email unless you cut thru a bunch of red tape.

  9. cro-

    every single story written by a local reporter has their email address listed in the byline. Is ‘reading’ now considered red tape?

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