50 round practice session

Budgets are tight, ammo is expensive, and time is more valuable than ever.  Sometimes when you get to the range, you don’t want to burn 200 or 300 rounds of your precious centerfire ammo on a long, drawn out practice session.  Tiger McKee offers tips for a 50 round practice session at the range:

When I get to the range I unload my weapon and practice dry, presenting my weapon from the holster and getting that one perfect trigger press. Then I’ll do the same thing while stepping left, right, or to the rear. Once I’m feeling pretty good about that I’ll start with live fire, repeating the same drills, and only shooting fifteen rounds.

It’s very good advice on how to get the most training benefit out of the least amount of ammo necessary.  It’s especially ideal for shooters looking to function test a new hollow point or defensive load with their firearm, as it involves all the major firearms function drills.

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  1. Seriously Caleb, get reloading your own! I’m in the UK and shoot a lot of .44 and even more .38, the other evening I spent 2 hours making 1,000 rounds of .44 and it cost me £75 in parts (it would cost £500 for the same amount of factory ammo here and the reloads are much better through my gun!)

    It’s really not hard to get set up, youtube has plenty of info and I’m sure someone locally would help you. I would offer but the other side of the pond is probably a little too far 🙂

    Take care,

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