Gun Nuts Last Night: Too Much Awesome

Oh that’s right, if you missed the live broadcast of last night’s Gun Nuts Radio then you flat missed the boat. Luckily for you, you can atone for this by downloading last night’s episode, and listening to Kathy Jackson, Tam(!), and LawDog(!!!!).  At the end of the show, when we started taking callers, we just ran out of time – Kathy is such an excellent guest that she could hold forth on self-defense issues for men and women for easily a lot longer than I’ve got on a one hour show.  If you want to hear all about the book, Lessons from Armed America, or if you want to get some solid self-defense advice from a real expert in the field, click here to listen to last night’s show.  Of course, there is an .mp3 of the show as well.

Gun Nuts Radio is also available on Gun Nuts Host - Gun Nuts Radio: The Next Generation of Shooting | Blog Talk Radio Feed.

Join us next week at 9pm Eastern time as we talk to Ashley Varner, NRA lobbyist for the State of Indiana about Indiana’s gun laws, the Chicago Gun Ban case, and other legal and political topics! Don’t miss Gun Nuts Radio each Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern time!  Also, check out the store to pick Gun Nuts Gear, including the Tactical Coffee ClayMug!

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  1. Thanks again for the invitation, Caleb. It’s always cool to visit with you, and nifty to talk to Tamara, and happy-making to hear from LawDog. Hearing from all three of you in the same show was just made of pure awesome!

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