Republican candidates swept the gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey, which are both states that haven’t had a governor from the GOP in over a decade.  But CNN tells me that this isn’t a referendum on Obama, despite the fact that he campaigned for both of the Democrat candidates.  No, CNN tells me that the most important thing that could be observed in this election is that in a NY Congressional district, Republican infighting cost them the seat.  Which it did, that much is true – but CNN is devoting as much screen space to making it sound like the GOP is crumbling as they are to covering the Republican’s stunning wins in VA and NJ.

It’s almost like their bias is showing or something.


  1. I think the NJ race was more telling than the VA as far as the top of the ticket. The fact that the ENTIRE GOP ticket, including Cuccinelli (staunch Conservative), won is the bigger story. NJ was a big win though given the White House attention and assistance.

  2. Today seems to be my day to be anal-retentive.

    Jim Gilmore (R) was Governor of Virginia until Mark Warner (D) replaced him in 2002.

  3. VA was pretty much a given that it would go R, although I will say that the margin of victory was larger then I expected. My father lives down there and other then Northern Va and maybe around some of the larger cities, VA is pretty much of a gun owning red state. Even Deeds was considered pro-gun, but ran a really poor campaign.

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