STI announces new firearms

Prior to the 2010 SHOT SHOW, STI has announced several new firearms will be added to their line of pistols.

Hit the link to Ammoland for the overall details, which include launching several existing pistols in .40 S&W, and most interestingly to me, the GP6-C with a 5 inch barrel.  The GP6 pistol has been gaining popularity in some competition circles, with the “C” version being set up specifically for competition shooting with a Bo-Mar style rear sight and a fiber optic front sight.  From what I understand, it’s quite popular in the European IPSC community, and has undergone some pretty severe tests of its shooting ability with hundreds of thousands rounds through various frame.

FTC Disclaimer: To this date, I have not received any compensation from STI – this article is presented from an informational point of view.


  1. Yeah, DA/SA are popular in IPSC because of the minimum 5lb first trigger pull. Personally, I’ll never use a DA/SA gun without a decocker. That’s just asking to get DQ’d.

  2. That GP6 has a seriously good trigger, even in DA. A 5″ version with Bo-Mar sights would be pretty damn impressive as a Production gun.

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