Gun Nuts Tonight: Zoot Shoot Riot!

I have been waiting to use that as a show title ever since I heard about the Zoot Shooters last year.  That’s why tonight we’ll be talking about the Zoot Shooters and what they can do for the shooting sports and community, as well as talking about “Costume shooting sports” in general.  Join us tonight at 9pm Eastern on Gun Nuts Radio as we bring back the era of S&W Hand Ejectors, Thompson SMGs, and 1911s with wretched tiny sights!

Breda will be hosting live on camera tonight, and I’ll be relegated to co-host duties, so make sure you hit us up at 9pm Eastern time at for all the info on Zoot Shooting, as well as news and current events, including discussion on the Freedom Group’s IPO from last night.


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