It's like a pair of socks

That’s what your carry gun should be like – a pair of socks.  Not in the sense that you abuse them, but putting on your carry gun in the morning and going about your business isn’t unusual – it’s as routine as putting on a pair of socks.

Now, there are people that can’t carry all the time; namely folk with jobs that prohibit firearms on the premises, and in that case the analogy still stands inasmuch as the gun goes on when it’s legally allowed and just sticks around.  This is one of the reasons that regardless of “stopping power” I have a deep and abiding love of pocket guns, be they revolvers or semi-automatics.  If you have a “real job” that requires you to wear business casual, or slacks and a button down shirt, the pocket pistol becomes your very best friend.  My Beretta goes in my pocket regardless of what I’m doing, and usually hangs out there until I get home at the end of the day.  To me, putting the gun in a pants pocket isn’t any different than grabbing my iPhone or my car keys – it just goes everywhere.

This is not to say that you can’t have BBQ guns, and other special occasion guns, or even that you can’t carry different guns depending on your circumstances.  It just comes down to making the gun as much a part of your routine as brushing your teeth in the morning.  It doesn’t do you any good to have that carry permit if your custom $2500 Tactiblaster is sitting in your safe.


  1. The issue is also “How much risk am I willing to take by carrying a gun into my job?”

    My last job, my desk was at a place where, if some nutjob decided to show up and randomly start shooting, I was in a decent position to get out alive. If they came for me, they could sneak up on me and a gun at that point is useless (can’t protect against a sucker punch).

    So, being a well known gun guy, the chances of me getting ‘caught’ with my firearm were greater than the chances of me having some nut job go off in the building. So I simply kept a nice letter opener nearby and had my escape routes planned.

    I know some friends who carried a backpack in and out of work every day which makes for a better hiding place, but alas, I’m not a backpacker.

  2. I wouldn’t do the backpack thing. Backpacks are items you set down, and often leave at your desk when you go for coffee or use the restroom, heat up your lunch ect.

    My gun is staying with me, thanks.

    Thankfully my employer doesn’t have any policy against carry, so I pack away.

    Nobody has any idea….or if they do they haven’t felt the need to say anything to me.

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