New ICORE Division!

Attention ICORE shooters: have I got some good news for you!  One of the things that I had noticed after shooting ICORE at the club level for the last year is that even at that level, 6 shot revolvers that feed from speedloaders are basically non-competitive.  The sport belongs to 6, 7, and 8 shot guns that feed from moonclips.  The greater ammo capacity and ability to reload faster than a speedloader gun sadly put the sport out of reach of many of the “revolver enthusiasts” that had helped the sport grow so much.

That’s why I’m happy to announce the formation of the new “Retro Division” within ICORE, moving the number of sanctioned ICORE divisions from 2 to 3.  The rules for “Retro Division” are pretty straightforward:

8. A Retro Division revolver is a Limited Division revolver that has the following additional requirements:

A. Cylinder with only 6 chambers.
B. Must only use speed loaders to reload. Moon-clips are prohibited.

What that means for shooters is that now there’s a division that’s perfect in ICORE for that new S&W 686SSR, or your six inch Ruger GP100, or basically any six shot revolver. This also means that IDPA shooters classified in Stock Service Revolver division will be able to cross over immediately to ICORE and be competitive from the get-go without worrying about having to purchase new gear and equipment just so they can stay competitive in the new game.

I think this is a great decision on the part of ICORE. The first match I have next year at Atlanta Conservation Club for ICORE is definitely going to be a classifier match so that we can get any new shooters in the Retro division classified ASAP.


  1. That is pretty awesome! I love shooting PPC Stock Revo and SSR Revo in IDPA for those reasons – except that PPC is “stand and deliver” and IDPA rules for SSR tac-reloads are a bit, um, “daffy.”

    Honestly, I’m a little miffed that USPSA doesn’t have a retro revo class. If it were up to me, I’d make it major with guns like 357 mag, kinda like open where 9 major is a reality.

  2. If you’re gonna do Retro … I’ve got a 1941 Colt Official Police in .38S&W. Or an Enfield No. 2 also in .38S&W (OK, .380-200 in Brit Speak). How ’bout an H&R breaktop in .38S&W?
    How the Hell did I get 3 guns in an archaic round?
    Never mind, we all know the answer to that one.

  3. Why cant i use a retro-fited Le-Mas 9 shot revolver in that class, is the Civil War not retro enough for you? (no i don’t have one, i want one so bad in 44-40 over 20gauge)

    and why no moon clips, they were used very often in WWI and WWII?

    moon clips rule!

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