Ammo for snubbies

Hsoi got himself a snubbie, and now is looking for BBs for it.  He’s tried the usual LSWCHP 158 grain rounds, and gone through the internet recommendations.  I am a big fan of Hornady’s Critical Defense ammo, which is a polymer filled hollowpoint round inspired by their LeverRevolution ammo.

The idea behind the Critical Defense ammo is that it will reliably expand at low velocity, or when fired through heavy clothing, because the tissue acts on the polymer tip and drives it into the body of the projectile, causing reliable and predictable expansion.

In fact, I’m such a big fan of it and the concept in general, that one of my HD guns is stocked with the .45 Colt LeverRev rounds, and I just ordered two boxes of the 9mm Critical Defense ammo from MidwayUSA to feed in my carry 9mm.


  1. Thanx for the link! I should clarify that I haven’t yet shot a single thing out of this snub… I haven’t had it for 24 hours yet and life hasn’t let me rush over to the gun range. Pesky things like work get in the way. 😉

    So in terms of “having gone through” various bits of ammo, that’s only in terms of Internet researching on the topic as well as talking with some local folks. I still need to actually shoot some stuff and see what works.

    But there’s no question I’m curious about Hornady’s Critical Defense offering. Trouble there is it’s just such a new load that I can’t find a lot of data… either field stories of it working (yours is a good testimonial, but I would like to see .38 and 9mm stuff), or just the usual sorts of ballistics tests.

    I shall keep searching. If anyone reading this happens to have or know where to find good data, please comment here or in my blog posting with a reference.

    Thanx all!

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