Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm

I tell you, you learn something new every day.  I was in Goose Hill the other day killing time, and I saw a Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm which prompted an immediate “huh?” from me.  I knew Bersa made a full sized 9mm and .40, but I didn’t know they had come out with a new and improved version.  Now, I’m generally a fan of Bersa pistols for they are – cost effective carry guns that tend to actually go bang when you press the trigger.  My first carry gun was a Bersa Thunder .380, which I had for years until I sold it in a fit of gunspaz.  Breda carries a Bersa, and Tam also thinks that they don’t suck.  High praise indeed.

One thing I never thought of the Bersa as though was a competition gun.  That lasted until today, when I typed “Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm” into the googlebot, and was rewarded with this YouTube video of Team Bersa’s Daniel Zoppi whacking an IPSC stage in Argentina with a Bersa Thunder 9mm.

Apparently, the Thunder Pro comes with a reinforced firing pin, which ameliorates one of the problems of the standard Thunder series guns, which was the firing pin breaking during dry fire practice. Priced right around $400 bucks, it would make a pretty great entry level gun for IPSC/IDPA competition in SSP or Production Division. I have a deep and abiding love affair for guns that do two things: 1) run, 2) are priced right. Assuming this Bersa runs like my old .380 did, then for the price you’re not going to go wrong.



  1. The only Bersas I don’t mind are the .380’s, and even then with certain caveats. (To wit, were I to plan doing a lot of shooting with one, I’d buy a second to use as a trainer, because they don’t usually hold up well to high round counts.)

    The bigger guns, the nines, forties, and forty-fives, are definitely subpar. We didn’t stock them because we didn’t feel we could stand behind the product.

  2. Maybe the new ones suck less? I found a couple on the interbutts for less than $350, which for that price I’d be willing to shoot one until it falls apart just to see how long it lasts.

  3. Hey, I didn’t say I was actually going to buy one. I’m taking the money from selling the 646 and turning it into another 625 plus a minor leaguer to be named later.

  4. Off topic – but I got to go to the Atlanta Conversation place today to shoot. Robert Davis (Indy blog Meet ) and his wife belong and invited me to come up for an afternoon of shooting, It’s quite a drive for me, but as well as the folks there treated me, and how nice it was, I may well join and go up once a month, especially if they get in that longer rifle range.


  5. I bought one today and was very impressed with everything, including all the write ups about the awards the Thunder Pro is winning in combat shooting competition. I really hate it when people that haven’t even shot or owned something pontificate arrogant prejudice, without first hand experience and knowledge. I think this pistol is every bit as tight and right as my Beretta’s and S&W’s but what do I know, 27 years in the military, expert with both pistol and rifle.

    I highly recommend the Thunder Pro, sweet, reliable, accurate piece.

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