If there is one

Of the 10 Commandments at which I most frequently fail, it’s the 10th one: thou shalt not covet. Now breaking the 10th Commandment is even easier with GunBroker’s mobile version for the iPhone and other mobile phone browsers.  Obviously, it’ll look weird on your PC, but if you have a smart phone check out m.gunbroker.com from your phone’s browser.  It’s pretty cool, actually.


  1. If thou shalt not covet were federal law, what would the Democrat Party have as a platform?

  2. Oh yea. I’m boned with that one. I covet like a M*@#!, and not guns so much as other things.

    I can only hope a hot nurse doesn’t come in the room before I die and after I repent on my deathbead. 🙂

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