S&W 625 update

The 625 has hit the next step in its transformation. I picked it up from Gander Mountain yesterday where I had dropped it off to have a fiber optic front sight post installed. The new post looks good, and now I need to haul it out to the range to see how it shoots.

The next step for the gun will be to send it off to Coal Creek Armory in Tennessee to have the action worked on and have the gun converted to DAO. The reason for the DAO conversion is to allow the gun to skate under any trigger weight requirements if I were to take leave of my senses and shoot this in Bianchi Cup.

This picture represents Phase 2 of the plan for this gun.

I should really haul out my good camera and quit screwing around with my iPhone camera, but it’s just so handy.

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  1. You gonna do something about that stupid safety lock?

    BTW for Blog photos your iPhone pix come out great. Unless you’re going to drop some 1337 Oleg Volk skillz on your gun pr0nz I see no need for you to reach for the better camera.

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