National Right to Carry

The floor vote on the National Right to Carry Amendment is today.  Did you contact your Senators?  Last night, on Gun Nuts Radio we talked about National Right to Carry and the various reasons why it’s a good idea.  If you click the link above, it will take you to the show page so you can hear the discussion on the National Right to Carry – and my personal lament as someone who has family in a state that doesn’t honor my carry permit.  To download a handy .mp3 copy of last night’s show, click here.

After the discussion on Nationwide reciprocity, we moved on to a more lighthearted topic, which was “30 seconds with The President”.  If you had 30 seconds to give President Obama a piece of your mind, what would you say?  You can check out people’s responses by listening to the show from last night.  As always, the show is available on iTunes so you can download, subscribe, and take Gun Nuts Radio with you wherever you go by following these handy instructions: Gun Nuts on iTunes.  You can also go to the iTunes store, search for Gun Nuts Radio, and subscribe that way.

There is a chance that by next week we’ll have our hands on the Daniel Defense DDXV carbine – if so, expect us to have an AR/EBR centered show next Tuesday!

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