Ammo trickling back in stock

It would appear that ammo is slowly coming back, as over the last week I’ve seen bulk packs at a couple of different “big box” stores, and MidwayUSA released a backorder I had for 200 rounds of Magtech 124 grain JSP. Of course, prices don’t appear to be falling back to their pre-panic levels yet, so don’t sell the farm and buy up all the 9mm or .223 that you find.

The downfall to my statements here is that they’re entirely anecdotal. I’ve heard reports from other folk that ammo is starting to show up as well, but in some areas it’s still harder to find that honesty in Washington, DC.


  1. I think we were spared pretty well here in Texas. AR prices jumped for a bit. Well, everything that actually did the shooting part jumped in prices untill just recently. However, ammo prices stayed fairly stable where I shop, and I never had a problem finding .223 or 5.56, 9mm, .45acp, or any of the other main stream calibers.

  2. I bought found 300 rounds of Federal 9mm for 20 cents a round post-tax at Walmart yesterday, and 250 rounds of the same the day before. It’s letting up some, and I’m still buying it whenever I find it at pre-election prices.

  3. No it isn’t. Not here. Or someone is going to all the stores when they open, bring their extended family to end run that limit per person thing some stores are doing and buy everything. I have noticed you can get 7.62×39 online now. Which is more than I could say for the past 7 months.

    But neighther me nor anyone I know has been able to find 9mm or .45acp for the past 2 months and all the .223 we find is way overpriced.

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