Gun Nuts Radio: Sotomayor and the .50 BMG

What fun we had last night on Gun Nuts Radio!  We opened the show talking about the Sotomayor confirmation hearings, and how when confronted with actual difficult questions about recusing herself, or her thoughts on incorporation, she kind of fell apart.  Of course, the money quote from the entire thing was when she said she understands the right to keep and bear arms because her godson is in the NRA.  Breda was quick to point out that saying that is exactly the same as saying “I’m not a racist, I have a black friend!”  Plus, Sotomayor’s lack of actual legal knowledge is kind of disturbing, but hey it’s not like we expected Obama to nominate a conservative, right?  I guess I did expect him to be a little less transparent in his pandering to the Latino vote, but that’s what I get for hoping.

The show moved on, as it is wont to do, and if you’d like to download it you can click here for the show page.  If you’d like an .mp3 copy, that is available here.  The real highlight of the show was when we were joined by Michael Brendzel of Zel Custom Manufacturing, makers of the Tactilite .50 BMG AR upper.  That’s right, a .50 BMG upper for your AR15 pattern rifle, which readily converts your rifle from a tactical poodle-shooter into a single shot ultra-long range thumper.  You can even have your upper with an 18 inch barrel, if you want to be able to fire the .50 BMG offhand…(although one wonders why).  As Tam pointed out on last night’s show, everyone should have a .50, because it’s like a finger in the eye of the anti-gunners.  The best part about the Tactilite upper is that exactly – it’s an upper, so you can order it online and have it shipped straight to your house, no FFL.  Trust me when I say that this makes Paul Helmke a sad, sad panda.

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  1. Any idea how much that .50 upper weighs? I’m just curious because I know there are hunting weight limits in some states…

  2. The tactilite upper has gone on my short list, and my “gun monies” savings account is cowering in fear. When I get one, I’m spray painting “Sarah Brady is a Sad Panda” on the case.

    And I’m with Tam. When my girlfriend asked me why I wanted these, I said that the proper question is not why, but why not? I mean, an 18inch .50cal upper on an EBR lower reciever? It is just full of win.

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