Leaving, on a jet plane

I leave for Bianchi Cup today.  Once I get on the road around 10am or 11am Eastern time, updates on the match itself and the surrounding events will come in one of three formats.

  1. When I can, I will post stuff to GunNuts.net
  2. Check here to check my twitter feed – it’s located in the right sidebar, and will be updated regularly since Twittering is pretty easy to do.
  3. Check The Gun Nuts Radio Blog.  Blogger allows me to post to that blog via email, which is easier than using the web browser on my crackberry to post here.

In fact, I have a post up at the radio blog right now, which shows the insane amount of gear and clothes I have to take with me for this match.  Definitely check back here at GunNuts.Net and at the Radio Blog for more updates direct from Bianchi Cup!

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