So many rails, so little time

So, Stoeger, one of the Beretta family of companies and maker of fine replica coach guns has decided to make a “coach gun” that is either the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen, or the most horrible thing – I’m honestly not sure. Meet the Stoeger Tactical Double Barrel Shotgun.  One the one hand, the part of me that absolutely loves tactical goodies wants this gun so hard; on the other hand, the part of me that owns single action revolvers and wears cowboy boots died a little inside when it saw this gun.

I’m quite conflicted.  I mean, it almost seems like a good idea.  Ported barrels to control the admittedly abusive recoil on a 12 gauge coach gun, a rail for mounting an optic, another rail if you want to mount a forward pistol grip…I want to love it, I really do.  As of yet, the Tactical Double Defense Coach Gun has yet to appear on Stoeger’s website, but Alan has photos at the link above.  No word yet on MSRP, either.