Not a gun post

There is some kind of feline cold war going on in my house.  We picked up a new cat yesterday, and named her Kaylee which goes right along with our other cat(s) names, Malcolm and Inara (the cat that ran away…she left Serenity).  Right now, Kaylee is hiding under the couch, and growling at Mal when he walks by, Mal reciprocates by hissing at her at any given opportunity and generally acting like a dick.

I’m not sure which cat in this equation is the USA and which one is the former USSR, but I’m actually quite pleased that they have not broken out into outright hostility.  I imagine that’s a good sign.

If I ever convince Mrs. Ahab to get a dog, we’re naming him Jayne, and buying him a collar that says “The Hero of Canton.”


  1. Time will win out. Either the cats will simply pretend the other doesn’t exist, or they’ll become inseparable.

    My first cat, Hudson, was not a happy camper when I brought home Bueller as a kitten. Hissing and clawing (technically pawing) were all I heard and saw for 2 days.

    On the third day, I couldn’t find the kitten. I saw Hudson and his fat, orange self, sitting on top of the Kitty Condo, but no Bueller anywhere (who was identically colored). At first, I was thinking Hudson ate him, but then I realized the ball of fur had two tails.

    Bueller had curled up in Hudson’s chest and was sleeping.

    From that day forward, you couldn’t see one of them without the other.

  2. *sigh* I keep trying to talk Better Half into getting a kitten, but we cannot get past the fur problem… I will eventually wear her down, though.

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