More on the .410 AR

I’m actually a big fan of the .410 round for all sorts of different applications, so I’ve been following news about ATI’s .410 AR-15 shotgun pretty closely. The Firearm Blog links to an interview than another blogger did with one of the reps from ATI about their gun.

I want one of those just so I can show up at Thursday Night Trap with my .410 (not to be competitive mind you, because I suck with a shotgun) and whiff at clays with my “sporting shotgun”. You’ve got to admit, the looks you’d get would be hilarious.


  1. Picked up a Saiga-20 with that very idea in mind.

    And when I move to NH, I’m going to find a 20 round drum for it…

  2. I think you should test the waters at your trap club first.

    With a Taurus Judge.

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