Shooting this weekend

Lots of shooting this weekend – if you’re interested in a “cursed” match, you can head down to Marion County Fish & Game for Friday the 13th Friday Night Steel or up to Hamilton County Fish & Game for a little IDPA fun on Saturday.  Me, I’m going to IDPA, because it’s “my game” as it were, and with the exception of Bianchi Cup I’m trying to be a little less scattershot with my competitive focus this year.  But I’m still shooting Pins once the weather warms up.

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  1. The obligatory “This post is useless without photos”. (g).

    Come on Caleb, how about writing up some detailed reviews of your adventures, along with images? I’d love to hear more about the nuts and bolts of the matches.

    Yes, yes, I know you already write about it. More!


    Good luck with the match! Cheering for ya.

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