Indy 1500 Fun Show weekend

Like many others, I attended the Indianpolis 1500 Gun and Knife Show this weekend.  Unlike Tam, I did not have a very successful show, because the items I was looking for were not to be found; namely affordable .38 Super ammunition and magazines for my P16-40.  I found neither (although they had .38 Super ammo, everything I found I could get for cheaper online).  A friend of mine did manage to pick up an AR, and another buddy and reader picked up a Kimber in .45 ACP.

I missed a couple of people I wanted to talk to, namely Frank James and the rest of the local blogger cabal, however I did have the opportunity to meet someone else…which I’ll detail out in another post.

The weirdest thing about the show was how packed it was.  I’ve been going to this show three times a year since I moved out here 3 years ago, and I have never, ever seen it packed like this.  It was literally wall-to-wall people, and if one person would stop in the aisles to touch/talk about a gun, the whole thing would come slamming to a halt.  The other crazy thing about this show were the prices that stuff was actually selling for.  I saw Yugo SKS carbines for $500…and the crazy part is that I saw people buying those carbines!  I guess the craze for “assault weapons” extends far enough that you can move an SKS for triple what it cost to import.

I did have fun at the show – I got to handle a couple of prospective purchases, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of actually trying to buy them there, so it was more of a “look and see” for me.  However, Barack Obama definitely deserves the title of Gun Salesman of the Year.