Meeting Mike

So, at the gun show this weekend, I had the unique opportunity to actual meet Mike Vanderboegh.  You know what?  He was a genuinely nice guy.  While I may not agree with him on every issue, and I may not agree with his methods, I can say that he was nothing but courteous and polite with me.

When I found out he was going to be in my city, I figured I had three options: 1) avoid his table, 2) go over and talk but not introduce myself, or 3) go over, man up, and introduce myself as Caleb from Call me Ahab.  I chose option 3 – because dammit this is my town and I for one will not be the guy who had the opportunity to meet one of the most polarizing figures in the pro-gun community and passed on it.

I was a little disappointed, apparently I just missed David Codrea by 10 minutes.  He and I have corresponded quite a bit via email, so I was looking forward to finally getting to meet him.  Maybe next time.


  1. Edited that little letter there, Mike. But seriously, it was nice to meet you. Let me know next time you roll through my city and we’ll do beers or something.

  2. Just an observation but it is interesting that other than Mike and Caleb’s comments, the only other comments seem to be rather impolite and inhospitable towards Mike Vanderboegh.
    People, if you want someone to act a certain way, try modeling it. So far all I see is people modeling what they are complaining of.
    Mike, Caleb, I’d have a beer with either of ya. As long as you guys are building bridges. Remember, we have the same goals. The anti’s will always win when we don’t hang together.

  3. Caleb,

    Thanks. I’ll take you up on the offer, sans beer. (I/m a diabetic. You have a beer and I’ll vicariously enjoy it while I sip Diet Mountain Dew.) In fact, we will be back for the next show, hopefully with copies of Absolved to autograph.


  4. Indeed, ‘we should all hang together or we will certainly hang separately’ as that ol lech and curmudgeon Ben Franklin said. From Mike ‘it’s my town too’ H

  5. Linoge, Caleb, etc… Before you make dramatic assumptions about folks, you should know more about them. Read Mike’s essays, for example. Read it, and you may realize that the same spirit that is in these essays is the same spirit that motivated the freedom fighters at Lexington, Concord, Bunker Hill, etc…….

  6. Oh, please, spare me.

    But since you were talking about making assumptions… I have, and no, it is not.

    And here I thought the Obamamessiah had an amazing cult of personality…

  7. First off, Qi – no one is making assumptions.

    And that is the end of it. Next comment that makes me roll my eyes gets the name changed “Marty McFail”.

  8. I had wondered why no one had recommended coming by this place; now I see why. Caleb seems nice, but if the ‘friends’ who comment here are at all typical from these fairly snide comments, one might find a more congenial group over at the BATFE.

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