Gun Nuts on iTunes

If you’re an iTunes/iPod user, you can now subscribe to a Gun Nuts Radio feed with your iTools(ha!) that will actually work.  In iTunes, simply click on “Advanced” and “Subscribe to Podcast” and enter the following URL for the Gun Nuts Radio Podcast:

Depending on your settings, this will then automatically download the latest Gun Nuts Radio episodes direct to your iTunes player so that you can take Breda and me everywhere you go.

I have also been informed that the rss works with the Zune software as well, so for the 6 of you that have Zunes, you’re good to go.


  1. I should hope it works with the Zune software. Otherwise, when I listened to old shows while driving all the way from northwestern Washington to southeastern Arizona over the last two days, I was really listening to the voices in my head.

  2. We air Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern time. We’re thinking about joining the gun rights radio network, although right now they’re not talking on any new bloggers.

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