File hosting bleg

I’m looking for an online place to back-up the archives from Gun Nuts Radio.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have the space on the “Call me Ahab” server, and I’d want it somewhere I could recover it if for some reason, BTR, Call me Ahab, and my hard drive at (and HD backup) all went Tango Uniform at the same time.

Do any of you use an online file hosting service, and if so, what do you use/recommend?


  1. +1 for Amazon S3 and Jungle Disk!

    If the words “total peace of mind” have any relevance to you, you’d go with ’em…

  2. Zip the file and encrypt it with TrueCrypt. After that, try, for temporary, smaller files, Dropbox (2GB’s free), Microsoft’s newish Live Mesh (5GB’s free), or MS’s Skydrive (25Gb’s free). If you have direct access to the server and can installs apps, try Mozy for $5 a month for unlimited space and no headaches.

  3. I use for all my online backups. Its easy, secure and can do it all in the background. I’ve used it for a year and has already saved my bacon once or twice. Like Rob said $5 a month, unlimited space, easy web-based or right-click restores.

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