Last Night’s Gun Nuts: Open Carry

Last night on Gun Nuts Radio, we featured Meleanie Hain – the PA soccer mom who has become the poster child for the open carry movement.  Clicking the link above will take you to the show, or you can click on the embedded player to the right of this post.  If you’d like to download the .mp3 file, please hit the button below to play/download the .mp3.


You can also always download or listen to shows by visiting and clicking on any of the archived podcasts.  Although, don’t miss out on last night’s show.  One of the neat things about it was that you got to hear Meleanie’s story without it getting filtered by the MSM first; I found out that she had been open carrying to soccer games and practices for some time before the incident.

The topic of open carry could really be a two, three, or even four show topic, and it’s definitely one that we plan on revisiting in the future.  There’s a lot of good discussion to be had when dealing with open carry, and a lot of pros and cons to go back and forth on.  For now however, you’ll have to content yourselves with last night’s show – get it by clicking this link labeled “Open Carry“.

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  1. Last night’s show was totally covered in awesomesauce.

    Meleanie RAWKS. What the media has done to her is nothing short of criminal. It’s an eye-opening lesson in not believing a damn thing the media says when it comes to guns and/or gun owners.

    Thanks again for a GREAT show Caleb!!!

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