Tomorrow on Gun Nuts Radio

We’re going to be talking about open carry – which is a subject that I personally can’t believe we haven’t featured yet.  Joining us tomorrow night on our open carry show will be Meleanie Hain, the Pennsylvania soccer mom and open carry advocate who had her carry permit revoked, then returned after open carrying at her child’s soccer game.

As usual, you can listen live and join the discussion at at 9pm Eastern time.  During the top half of the show, Breda and I will be chatting with Ms. Hain, and then we’ll open up the phone lines at (347) 539-5436 for your call ins and questions. We’re definitely looking forward to this tomorrow night – Open carry is an issue in the pro-gun community about which people are incredibly passionate, and it should spark some great discussion. Be part of the discussion tomorrow night at 9pm at!