Mossberg LBA Trigger system

Check out The Gunshots for a review of Mossberg’s new bolt action rifle trigger, called the “Lightning Bolt Action Trigger“.

At first glance, the casual observer might deem the LBA trigger merely an imitation of Savage’s 5-year-old AccuTrigger, and indeed, the concept is the same: The trigger blade mechanism blocks the sear from releasing the striker until the blade is fully depressed. However, there are some distinct differences, and they aren’t all cosmetic. (It’s a lightning bolt. Get it?)

I’m generally excited to see factory bolt action rifles coming from the factory with good triggers on them.  One of the unfortunate downsides of our litigious society is that it has been a matter of general fact that factory rifle triggers basically suck. I’m glad to see that Mossberg is joining Savage in finding a way to improve the triggers on their guns.

Now if I could just get a Remington Model 700 VTR in .223 with a great factory trigger, I’d be ready to go coyote-whacking.