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Except it’s not really a gun.  Well, sort of.  According to the BATFE, blackpowder firearms are not “firearms”, which means they can be transferred between individuals across state lines without a 4473 form.

I’m currently selling my Pietta clone of the ’58 Remington, which is a .44 cap-and-ball revolver.  However, what makes this gun cool is that with the pistol, I’m also selling a Kirst Konverter, a 5 shot SASS legal cylinder which allows you to fire cowboy action .45 Colt loads through the gun.  Check out the auction on Gunbroker.


  1. Wait, so you can sell a black-powder revolver with a conversion cylinder but it’s not counted as a firearm? This is okay with the same folks who claimed a shoelace is a machine gun and that “constructive possession” of an otherwise-legal AR-15 and M-16 sear is illegal? In a way I’m not surprised, but I’m also shocked that this solution could possibly fly under their radar.

  2. That’s pretty much correct. It’s a little more complicated than that, in that I can’t ship you the gun with the conversion cylinder installed because that would be a firearm, but I can ship you the gun without the cylinder installed, and the cylinder is simply a replacement part.

  3. I wanted to put in a bid, but the description states no sales in California. Does CA have additional restrictions on these types of guns?

  4. I have heard conflicting reports on that. One person says it’s a firearm in CA and can’t be sold there, another person said it’s not. I’d rather err on the side of not being a felon, so I have to leave poor California out.

  5. Man, I wish I had some money to throw at that, I like black powder weapons (I own a .58 black powder rifle (can’t remember the style right now, normally I can)), and I enjoy firing when I get the chance.

    Good luck with the auction.

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