Conversation with a hippie

I swear that the following conversation is true to as best as I remember, although I may have been slightly intoxicated at the time.

[Hippie]: Oh my god, do you recycle? I, like, totally love recycling. It’s totally important to the environment.

[Me]: Uh, not really. We’d have to pay an extra twenty five bucks a month for recycling where we live, and we don’t really use aluminum cans or plastic bottles.

[Hippie]: But what about newspaper? Don’t you recycle that?

[Me]: No, not really. We don’t get a newspaper.

[Hippie]: But, recycling is really important!

[Me]: Well, wait, I do recycle something.  I recycle brass, in large quantities!

[Hippie]: Brass, how, do you recycle brass?

[Me]:  Well, a lot of friends of mine, myself included, use brass in large quantities.  Whatever I don’t grab to reuse myself, I donate to them for their reuse.

At that juncture, the conversation ended, because the noise of the bar became too loud for me to overcome by force of volume alone.  However, I could tell by the confused look on the face of the hippie that she had no idea what I was talking about…which made it kind of fun in the end.


  1. And this is exactly why I made up the design that sits on Kevin Baker’s sidebar.

    And why I am trying to find a better supplier that CafePress to make it a bumper sticker.

  2. “and we don’t really use aluminum cans or plastic bottles.”

    Clearly not a soda drinker then. My life would be far less complicated if I enjoyed coffee. But I have to load so much sugar and fat into a cup to make it drinkable that I stick with my diet soda.

    One of my biggest disappointments in life was when I learned that the coffee I smelled every morning growing up didn’t taste even remotely as good as it smelled.

  3. No soda here either – glass bottles for beer but we don’t recycle them either, I throw them away into the dumpster, same with the Sunday newspaper which we only get for the TV insert.
    I do recycle brass though.

  4. @Laughingdog:

    You know, if you used a Toddy system for coffee, you wouldn’t have that disappointment.

    (Shameless plug for my brother’s and my favorite coffee brewing system).

  5. so… the actual act of recycling is more important than reducing waste that makes recycling possible?

    God, that makes me feel better, because I like to pretty much just throw my trash out the car window as I go. I feel ok doing it so long as I make sure the tires in my car are properly inflated.

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