LiveBlogging the Sarah Palin Rally

We got in to Verizon Wireless Center pretty easily – much easier than any concert I’ve been at here. On the way in we weren’t searched once, I’m a little bitter because I totally could have carried if I had known that.

Not quite 5pm yet, we’re still at the “warm-up act” portion of the event. Some country band I’ve never heard is playing.

The band is actually playing a song called “Drill here, Drill now”.

I’m looking around at the crowd, and I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of young professionals here – there are a lot of people here in my age bracket, which makes me feel good.

The crowd is chanting “Sarah! Sarah”

The LT GOV is out and speaking. LT GOV Skillman is probably one of the most underrated aspects of the current administration.

Sarah is on, and the crowd is going ape-shit. The people down in the pit are screaming their heads off.

Ha! She just kind of took a cheap shot at Tina Fey, and she dropped a reference to the ultimate Indiana movie, Hoosiers.

The crowd does not like the phrase “raise your taxes”, wow. She’s really hitting Obama hard on the issue of taxes and the economy, and we’re eating it up.

She’s now hitting the ACORN issue – ACORN is now under investigation by the FBI. She also touched on the issue of Obama’s actual ties to ACORN; while also pointing out that talking about someone’s actual record isn’t mean spirited.

I am tired of the word “maverick”. So very tired.

Hahaha, there are some protestors from Code Pink being escorted out after causing a ruckus.

She’s basically hitting the standard talking points, firing up the base to get the vote out come November.

I’ll post a final wrap-up tomorrow, but this has been a fun event and an interesting look at a part of the political process I’ve not seen firsthand before.

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  1. Is it wrong that I wish bad things upon Code Pink? Such as a “Don’t tazer me bro!” repeat?

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