Sarah Palin Rally Summary

As I mentioned Friday afternoon, my wife and I attended the Sarah Palin rally at Verizon Wireless Music Center.  As a mentioned in the LiveBlog, the vast majority of the event was her hitting the major talking points of the campaign, such as taxes and national security.  However, there were a few interesting moments that I wanted to expound on.

First off as I noted in the liveblog was the palpable atomsphere of excitement.  If the national media is to be believed, we conservatives are simply sitting around waiting to lose (when we’re not too busy being racist, of course).  Wherever they got that idea, it certainly wasn’t at the Indiana Sarah Palin rally – the crowd was seriously juiced up and ready for her – I am not exaggerating a little when I saw it was almost like a rock concert.  It was that atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm that actually had me feeling okay about John McCain’s chances come November.

The 2nd item is in regards to the protesters that were escorted out during the rally.  If you read Huffington Post then you might have seen the blog from a woman associated with Code Pink in Indiana – she claims that when they unveiled their banner that “angry men” tried to “rip it out of their hands”.  I was there.  I saw what happened, and I’m calling bullshit unless I see some video to prove me otherwise.  What I saw was them whip out their banner, and then a group of gentlemen try to stand in front of the banner so that you couldn’t see it.  Police moved in to separate the groups, and then the Code Pinkos continued to yell their slogans until the police escorted them out.  Never at any time did I see the men do anything violent, or try to “rip” anything out of the hands of the Code Pinkos.  I will admit that I did not see the entire altercation as my view was partially obfuscated, however unless I see actual video that proves me wrong; I have no reason to believe that this woman is doing anything other than “enhancing the truth” to make it sound like she was assaulted by mean old Republicans.

Finally, a comment on Sarah Palin – people who think she can’t speak well need to see her live.  Our Democrat friend who attended with us said that she did a good job – almost as if when Sarah Palin is subjected to the vagaries of MSM edited, she comes off as less than intelligent.

I had an excellent time at the rally, after it was all said and done.  It was certainly interesting for me to see a part of our political process that I had never before seen; and I think it shed a little bit of light for me personally on why exactly these rallies and events are important.  Ultimately, you win elections by having more votes than the other guy – and by energizing the people who are most likely to vote for you to actually get out and vote, you stand a much better chance of victory in the election itself.

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  1. Notice that leftists interrupt our gatherings with their nonsense, but we never interrupt theirs. Were there Republicans yelling and screaming while Obama was speaking at the DNC? No, because we have class and idgnity, and they don’t.

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