ATK enters into partnership with FN Herstal

ATK will be working cooperatively with FN Herstal to develop ammo for the SCAR weapons platforms, as well as 5.7mm ammo for the US Civilian market.

That reminds me of a beef I have with civilian firearms manufacturers, but why aren’t we seeing more guns chambered for 5.7mm?  Sure, it’s a souped up .22 Magnum, but there are some people (MEEEEEEE) that flip their lid for a compact carbine with a 16 inch barrel chambered for 5.7mm.  In fact, I bet if you could develop a 5.7mm carbine and sell it for $600 dollars that you wouldn’t be able to make them fast enough to keep up with the demand.  Right now, if I want something to shoot 5.7×28 rounds, I’m either going to buy an FN P90 which has been neutered to make it civilian legal, or an AR-57 from American Tactical Imports.  I guess I could get a T/C Encore made for it (they catalogue barrels in 5.7mm) but a single shot 5.7mm doesn’t really blow my skirt up.

I guess what I’m saying is that I want more guns for this cartridge – as a defensive cartridge I’m indifferent, but as a blaster/150 yard coyote terminator, I’m all about it.


  1. I’m also interested in seeing a new 5.7 carbine, maybe something similar to an M1 carbine. I’m not sure if I would buy it though, because I keep going back and forth on my opinion of the round. If there was more effective ammo, and more real world data on it’s performance I would probably be able to make up my mind.

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