Open Carry Mom gets her permit back

The PA mom who legally open carried to her son’s soccer game has had her permit restored.  This is a good thing, because unlike “open carry events”, this woman wasn’t looking to cause trouble, she just wanted to go her child’s game and relax – it shouldn’t have mattered even for a moment if she was packing, no matter what some allegedly pro-gun people said at the time.

I thought long and hard about this issue – I’m a big fan of open carry in theory, but a lot of the time lately I feel like Open Carry is being abused as a way to get attention and is actually hurting our cause rather than helping it.  However, on this issue I felt like this was exactly how I’d want to see open carry done – casually, without drawing attention to one’s person while so doing.

I’m very pleased to see that rule of law has been upheld in this issue.

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  1. In the past week, I’ve spotted folks open-carrying (carrying openly?) in a Best Buy and a Wendy’s. I’d be foolish to expand their incident-free patronage to be a sign of franchise-wide comfort levels with the practice, but at the very least view it as a positive sign of acceptance in the area (central and southern Indiana). I don’t carry openly myself, but am always happy to see folks exercising the right.

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