Oh god so tedious

I am going through the incredibly tedious process of backing up all of the posts from Call me Ahab at my new archive location.  It has the added benefit of using the “callmeahab.com” address so I don’t have to worry about getting really popular and having someone park on a domain that I’d like to have.

It’s a really really tedious process because blogger doesn’t have an import feature, so I have to manually copy/pasta every single one of my old posts from here to over there.  I’m not going to worry about dates or anything like that, just get the data and post names saved over.

If anyone knows a more efficient way to do this, let me know.  Oh and before you can say it, yes, I have an XML file saved on my desktop of all my posts as well, but you can never have too much backup.


  1. well, if it were me doing that, i’d hack up a Python script to screen-scrape the HTML for me and have that copy the posts. but that’s because i’m a pointy-headed geek who likes to write little scripts for everything. whether it’d work for you depends on how comfortable you are with programming, and whether your favorite language has a good library for fetching stuff over HTTP and parsing HTML. Python does, but Python is unusually well endowed with standard libraries.

  2. I use wordpress for this blag, but I wanted my backup to be on Google’s (relatively) stable servers just in case.

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