Gun blag rifle league?

Where do I sign up?  A little bit more detail – Sebastian is inquiring about how many people would be interested in holding an e-postal style CMP rules rifle match on a quarterly (roughly) basis.

I asked in the comments that if I didn’t have access to a 100 yard range if using a 50 yard range w/a reduced target would be acceptable.

Honestly, I would definitely want to get involved in this, because it’s another excuse to get out to the range and shoot, plus it would involve me honing a skill (that with a rifle) that I haven’t spent a lot of time post-military working on.   I shoot a lot with pistols, but not very much with rifles or shotguns, although I can feel the winds of change blowing and I may end up shooting a lot more long gun in the future.

Click over the Sebastian’s to vote on whether or not you’d participate.


  1. What is this “Gun blag” you speak of? Is it man or beast, food or drink?

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