Indiana Primary Wrap-up

The Indiana Primary, in bullet point form:

  • Hillary won, but not by a lot. Barring any back-door shenanigans, Obama will likely be the nominee. Note: people named Clinton excel at back-door shenanigans.
  • Dan Burton won in Congressional District 5. I am officially supporting him in the general against Mary Etta Ruley. Lots more coverage on this particular race to come.
  • Beverly Gard won handily, and should roll over Mike Brinegar in the general, but you’ll see more on that race here in the future.
  • Shockingly, Andre Carson held on to win in Democrat D7, because apparently it doesn’t matter if you have any actual political positions as long as you have the right name.
  • If Obama wins West Virginia, I will eat my hat. And I like this hat a lot.

The primary was a nice warm-up for the general, I will say that. Although in the past few years District 5 has been relatively safe for Republicans and will in all likelihood continue to be so for this year, I am not taking anything for granted.

As far as the Democratic nomination goes, it probably will be Obama, as I said above. However, I also have a hard imagining Obama winning in Kentucky and West Virginia, so who knows?


  1. Obama will waltz thru KY. Over half the state’s population is in the People’s Republics of Louisville Metro and Lexington/Fayette Metro, not to mention the N. KY crowd south of Cincy. He won’t do as well in the rural areas, but it won’t matter.

  2. You really think so? I mean, you’re the expert and not me, but I just guess that I have hard time seeing even people in Louisville and Lexington actually get out and vote for him.

    Maybe I’m projecting my dislike of the man onto others, but it just sort of shocks me every time I see someone else getting snookered by his empty “hopeychangey” rhetoric.

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