We are winning

The Brady Campaign’s political action committee, which is their equivalent of NRA’s Political Victory fund has to date this year raised the whopping sum of zero dollars.

They haven’t been raising any money for their Political Action Committee.  This is speculation, but my guess is they’ve been having to eschew fundraising for the PAC in order to keep their 501(c)(4) and (c)(3) activities afloat.

This is easily one of the most important elections for the gun rights movement, and thus is also just as important to those who would seek to deny us those rights; but the Brady campaign isn’t raising money for the branch of their organization that can directly impact the election.  I agree with Sebastian’s speculation that it’s because they’re hurting like whoa in the money department, and have had to forgo raising money for electoral stuff so they can keep funding Paul Helmke’s posts on HuffPo.

On the flipside of the coin, NRA-PVF to date has raised over $200,000 for election related issues.  If you look at the donor list, you see a lot of regular folk, people with jobs like “mechanic” donating thousands of dollars to NRA-PVF.

It does help explain the feelings of desperation that I’ve been getting from the other side – they are losing money, losing ground and grasping at straws now.