Indiana Spring Goose season

Was a resounding success, according to Indiana DNR.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says an experimental Canada goose hunting season was a success and will be repeated over the next two years.

The Canada Goose population is exploding in Indiana, and according to the linked article, DNR is trying to reduce our breeding geese number by about 40,000 geese, which is actually quite a lot. I have mentioned in the past my hatred of Canada Geese as well as my desire to actually hunt them. I missed last fall’s season, and I missed the spring goose season because I’m still in Las Vegas, but this fall I’ll have a shotgun and I’ll finally be ready.

I’m glad that DNR is trying to do something about the local breeding population, around here. I get really tired of geese wandering through the road, hissing at me while I run, and pooping everywhere. I wonder how Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department would feel about me setting up shop next to one of those retention ponds they love…


  1. Here in Nebraska we had the same with Snow Geese. At one point they allowed electronic calls and allowed a bag limit of 20 per person per day. That resulted in my old man and I spending about 8 hours plucking, filleting and freezing enough meat to feed a small town. It still hasn’t reduced the Snow Goose numbers, but we’re hoping the Nebraska DNR will allow us to start using Punt guns/Flak guns and day labourers to reduce the number soon. We could feed the homeless for a year on that amount of goose.

  2. I still haven’t heard back from Indiana DNR about my request to use small cannon and cannister for Canada Geese.

  3. I have a comment or question alright if you duck hunt and you can use shotguns for example 12 or 20 or 28 gauge shotguns why cant you use a 410 single shot shot gun when you know for a fact whats the difference when you duck hunt the dumb duck should’ve ducked. It just makes me mad that you cant use one when all what it is a single shot and theres like six in the air and you have like plenty of shells when all what you want to do is duck hunt or goose hunt when the dumb bird should’ve ducked in the first place. I am not trying to be funny its just I want to duck hunt or if somebody would trade a shotgun for a shotgun or if theres any gun shows let me know or send something in the mail .

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