Brady Campaign: Always Classy

Thirdpower, who gets emails from the Brady Campaign, posted their latest example of stayin’ classy:

Thanks to your support and your efforts, last week thousands of individuals, Million Mom March Chapters, community allies, and friends and family of the Virginia Tech victims marked the first anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings and called on legislators to do something about gun violence.

Click Here to Support Your Brady Campaign Today

I disabled the link to their donation page, because I won’t drive traffic there even on accident.  Sadly, we’ve seen that this is pretty standard fare from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership.  Like I said in my last post on this, they pretty much love pulling this kind of stunt.  With that in mind, I’m proposing a new motto for the Brady Campaign:

The Brady Campaign: Snatching crassness from the jaws of decency.


  1. As I quickly read your new BC motto, I misread it as:

    Snatching carcasses from the jaws of decency.

    I think that would work, too.

  2. Can I scream and yell a little here?

    Are there mothers with dead children that should be acknowledged? Are they really such disgusting opportunistic (lookie big words!) bottom feeders that they would stand in a puddle of still warm blood asking for donations to a cause that undermined children’s safety?

    Is this really fucking happening?

  3. Grrr….

    And if they’re looking for $$$ how about sending it to VT for a memorial fund or counseling.

    Or even for the survivors to get CCP’s… cuz ya’ know sometimes it’s good to feel empowered.

  4. As a Virginian, who was on a college campus the day the shooting occurred (George Mason University specifically), I have to say this is simply offending. It gets better, you know, there was a anti-gun protest at VT on the day, even though the protesters were specifically requested to NOT hold their protest on campus on that day by the School and the Student Government.

    The only good thing that came out of the VT shooting is there is now a dialog in the Old Dominion concerning “Gun Free Zones,” and if there should be modifications to the laws. Not that I expect anything to actually happen, but at least there is now some discussion.

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