Murdoc has an excellent example of anti-gunner’s projection as displayed in “art”.

Projection is a big problem with the anti-gun movement, actually.  As part of the recurring theme of people who for gun control being violent and unable to control themselves, they assume that we’re all violent, ignorant, cousin humping rednecks.

Dr. Helen talks about projection as well on her blog today as well.

If you listen to many people who are adamant gun control supporters, they often (mistakenly) believe that people simply shoot others because they are impulsive and angry, and a gun is nearby. My guess is that this is projection. This is what they feel they would do because they do not know how to modulate their own anger.

It’s not to hard on the blogosphere to find examples of anti-gun folk not being able to control themselves and moderate their own negative emotions; even high-level personnel within anti-gun organizations such as American Hunters and Shooters Association can be found making ad homenim attacks on pro-gun bloggers.  If you go to Uncle’s blog and search for “why are anti-gunners so violent”, it will literally produce a bevy of hits.

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  1. An online discussion that I was part of (and cannot find for the life of me) included an anti-gunner saying something to the effect of “I know that if *I* carried a gun, I would eventually be unable to keep myself from shooting innocent people in the heat of the moment during non-threatening situations, and I don’t think anyone else could help it, either.”

    As is usually the case with these types, this person (I think a female but I’m not sure) simply could not understand why her point wasn’t a game-winner.

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