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You might have noticed that I’ve switched up my advertising again, I’m back to focusing primarily on products from Toddy Coffee; honestly because of the stuff I’ve asked you to buy on this blog, it’s the one I actually use and believe in.

You can check out their store at this link, if you do buy stuff from them I make money, so please, buy away. I’ve blogged about the Toddy Cold-Brewing system in the past, especially with regards to how it makes the best cup of coffee you’ll ever have. One of the things that’s been pointed out to me is that some people might not want to invest in a whole system without first trying out a bit of the product – now you can. You can actually order pre-made cold-brew concentrate, which is the foundation of the Toddy Coffee product by clicking on the banner add above, or on the sidebar.

I promise I’ll keep these shilling posts to an absolute minimum, I don’t like trying to sell stuff to you guys explicitly. Which is why I’ve pretty much switched to a “Toddy Coffee” only ad system, because like I said, if I’m going to sell something to my readers, it should be something that I use every day.


  1. My devious plan of getting my wife addicted to coffee in the morning is going as planned. So, I might just try that concentrate since part of her reluctance to drink the stuff is how complicated it is to make (my coffee maker grinds the beans then brews it. The system requires a lot of cleaning).

    This might make life easier for her in the morning. We’ll see if she’s interested in it.

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