Podcast: DC vs. Heller

Check out today’s new episode, where we’re talking about a possible twist in DC vs. Heller, as well as the potential ramifications of a loss in the Heller case.


You have several options to listen to the weekly podcasts, you can click the embedded flash player above to stream; if streaming sounds odd download it from the flash player, or click this link to download it from iTunes.

The article on Shooting Wire that I referenced is here.


  1. The flash player seems to shutdown partway through playing. Downloading the .mp3 file seems to play fine on VLC, though.

  2. I’m listening now. One comment:

    I think you may be right about the Clinton issue, but not entirely. I suspect that since she wants to be president more than she wants to one any one political issue. I honestly believe that she’s wily enough to realize that an Individual Rights ruling would mobilize the Republican, centrist/pro-2A democrat and independent/libertarian voters. So while of course she would never say, I suspect she is quietly hoping the issue actually isn’t a collective rights ruling.

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