Things that should not be

I was at the Bass Pro Shop in Vegas on Saturday, which is awesome beyond words, by the way; and I saw something that I wish I could unsee.

Bass Pro has something called a “Fine Gun Room”, where they have a lot of gorgeous double rifles, shotgusn, classic pistols, and other guns for sale.  For someone who is into the classics, blue steel and fine wood, it was kind of like being in heaven.  Actually, being in a giant outdoor shop that was attached to a western themed casino and restaraunt was like going to heaven; but that’s not the point.

In the gun room, I happened upon thing which should not be – someone had taken a minty-ish Trapdoor Springfield, cut the barrel down to 18 inches, and then added hi-vis fiber optic sights.  The pictures were taken with my cell phone camera, so they’re not great, but you can see the atrocity of the sights in both pictures.

Other than that gun, Bass Pro is completely awsome.  It’s definitely a place where I’ll be coming when I’m in Las Vegas.


  1. Ya never know…maybe the last 4″ of the barrel was completely buggered-up (bulged, pitted, kinked) and taking it down to 18″ was the only way to preserve it as a shooter.

    That, or it was just plain “Bubba-ed”.

  2. I suspect that this is the first time that I’m actually happy when someone’s linked photos won’t come up at work.

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