The Second Amendments

I saw this at Sebastian’s blog, on a relatively unrelated post.

Republican Rep. Jon Porter, who plays in a congressional band called the Second Amendments but represents a largely suburban Southern Nevada district that is trending Democratic, said as long as those carrying guns are following state law, the proposal “seems reasonable to me.”

Sebastian wants to know who the other members of the band are – Wikipedia is your friend.

The Second Amendments is a bipartisan rock and country band, all of which are members of the United States Congress. It features Representatives Collin Peterson (DFL-Minnesota), on guitar and lead vocals; Thaddeus McCotter (R-Michigan), on lead guitar; Dave Weldon (R-Florida), on bass; Jon Porter (R-Nevada), on keyboards; and Kenny Hulshof (R-Missouri), on drums.

Well, there’s your answer.  Oh, and DFL stands for Democratic Farmer-Labor Party, and is apparently quite the force in Minnesota politics.


  1. There needs to be a pizza shoppe called “Second Amendment Pizza”; their drivers should always be carrying.

  2. If memory serves, they’re called ‘The Second Amendments’ for two reasons. First is that there was an earlier Congressional band called ‘The Amendments’, and second is the obvious reason.

  3. DFL is the Minnesota version of the Democrat Party.

    He’s in leadership (Chair of Ag Committee).

  4. The DFL was the socialist party in America until FDR came along and absorbed it, lock, stock, and platform into the Democratic party. Imagine a great party logo, with perhaps a sickle representing the farmers, and a hammer representing labor.
    Yeah, that’s about right.

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