Tam Discovers Indiana’s blue laws

Apparently, Tamara had a run in with Indiana’s blue laws (alcohol laws) yesterday, which believe me, I’ve struggled with for quite some time.

What kills me if that I’m going grocery shopping on Sunday (which is our usual routine) I can’t stock up on alcohol for the week that day, and have to make a special trip the next day.

Drives me nuts.


  1. Y’know, I grew up with them in Georgia, but living in Tennessee for 7.5 years got me completely out of practice.

  2. Many years ago, I went to school in Terre Haute. Alcohol could be sold on Sundays, but only in restaurants that made most of their revenue from the sale of food. More than once you could find a bunch of us at the Red Lobster – ordering one appetizer and countless pitchers.

  3. Is it legal to buy alcohol (say, over the phone or via the internet) on Saturday and then take physical possession of it on Sunday?

  4. Wow, your state still has blue laws?!

    In Texas, I think you have to wait until noon to buy alcohol in stores on Sunday but that’s the only restriction.

    The one that really irks me is you can’t purchase handgun ammo past 9pm in Texas, but rifle ammo is still OK. Like, WTF?? Sometimes I am in Wal-Mart past 9pm picking up assorted groceries and odds & ends. Can’t pick up any Winchester whitebox .45 acp, though. But 7.62x39s? sure, man, take two. And a box of 12 ga. 00 buckshot, too. It’s like the handgun ammo turns into a pumpkin after 9pm or handling it after 9pm will make you want to kill yourself or something.

    Total voodoo superstition B.S.

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