Low light shooting

Apparently, today is “steal from Michael Bane day” around here.  This article is actually quite interesting, talking about a quick study done on low-light shooting by Force Science Research Center at Minnesota St. University.

Essentially, it confirms a personal theory I’ve had that in a low-light situation under stress, the shooter is going to aim for the most visible part of the target, even if they’ve been trained to shoot center-mass on paper targets.

In his low-light experiment, by contrast, more than 80% of the shots across all the officers and all sets of fire hit in or immediately around the Triangle of Death simulated by the peek of white paper. In other words, Richards concluded, in low light they overrode their training and focused their shots on what was most vividly visible. All the officers confirmed in a post-shooting debrief that the patch of white had drawn their aim.

Go and read the entire thing, it’s a good read and well worth it.