He’s right

Sebastian thinks that the latest NRA statement on Heller, and the DOJ’s brief is much better than their first one.  I agree.

The District is asking the Supreme Court to reverse the decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals and find that the Second Amendment does not protect a broad individual right. DOJ is supporting a different view-that the Second Amendment does protect an individual right, and that the case should go back to the lower court to apply a different standard of review. DOJ suggests applying a lower level of constitutional scrutiny than the Court of Appeals adopted. The NRA disagrees and believes the lower court’s ruling should be upheld.

The thing I really liked about this release from the NRA, which comes out in their Grassroots information, is that it provides a pretty good resource for information on the briefs filed with regards to the Heller case.  As you might have noticed, my coverage of the DC vs. Heller issue has been a bit spottier than other blogs; so it’s nice to have a lot of the information I need to stay current aggregated into one place.  The NRA’s latest release has a lot of good information, you can follow the link to read the entire thing right here.  Here is my favorite excerpt:

NRA believes that the right to arms is a fundamental right; as with other fundamental rights, laws restricting that right deserve the highest level of scrutiny.

Like I said, this is press release I had been hoping for.