1. Perhaps you could ask MCA or another manufacturer to produce a custom rifle adapter (.223 to 5.7×28), then buy a .223 bolt-action rifle. That might be overall cheaper.

  2. You should start reading MadOgre.com. He lives in NE Utah and he is what I would consider a “Professional” coyote shooter. He is always discussing variants of rifles and calibers that will do the job for him.

  3. It might be, although the custom encore option isn’t that expensive. I can probably get a used Encore receiver off the internets for relatively cheap, and then all I’d really need to order from the factory would be the 5.7mm barrel.

  4. and where abouts are you getting info on being able to do that?

    last i read was at least another year before another 5.7 rifle would be available…

  5. From Thompson Center’s website/catalog, where they offer barrels in 5.7x28mm.

    It wouldn’t be hard, since it uses the same diameter bullets as a .223 Remington.

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