So it begins

As I mentioned in my “Streamlining” post, I’m going to be trying to get my gun collection a little more focused.  I have guns because I like to shoot guns, as such guns I don’t shoot just collect dust in my closet, when they could have good homes elsewhere.

The first gun I’m selling is a Ruger GP100 Double Action Only in .357.  Stainless finish and stock Ruger grips, this was my carry gun when I lived in Virginia and open carried.  I bought it used, but like any other Ruger it runs just fine.  The exterior surface has some scratches and dings, some where there when I bought it, and I added some in the years I’ve had it.  The more important fact is that it shoots, and shoots quite well.  I’ll also throw in two Bianchi Speed Strips, an HKS speedloader and an aftermarket Hogue grip.

Total price for gun and gear: $350 on Gunbroker.  That’s the “Buy it Now” price, but bids are opening lower than that.  Please, won’t someone give this revolver a good home?


  1. No photo of the gun on there? Have you considered using something free like to throw up a picture of your gun and accessories?

  2. It’s not that I don’t have access to a free photo service, it’s that I’m at work and don’t have my camera to take a picture. Or the gun for that matter.

  3. Sorry, I already have my .357 Magnum Wheelgun slot filled by a Ruger Police Service Six.


  4. Well, my wife is the revolver fan in the house, but she wasn’t interested. Something about “I already have a snubbie. Maybe if it was a 6″ barrel.”

    I tried.

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