Cripple fight!

If any of you guys have watched South Park, I really hope that you’ve seen the episode where the two handicapped kids fight with each other, Timmy and Jimmy (I couldn’t find any clips of it on Youtube without all the crappy music, sorry – ed).

Anyway, the point of this rather immature and gloating entry is that for some reason, when I hear the commentary from the VPC about HR 2640, which amounts to “The Brady Campaign sold you out lololol Brady Campaign sux”; then I go read Paul Helmke’s comments which amount to “The Brady Campaign rox ur sox”, for some reason all I can hear in my head is Cartman yelling “CRIPPLE FIGHT”.

Like I said, I know it’s immature, but it’s fun to watch them go at it for the title of “most awesome gun control group”.  We really ought to have a three way cage match, with Josh Sugarman, Josh Horwitz, and Paul Helmke.  Put them in the steel cage, and then toss in all manner of axes and rusty chainsaws; no guns of course, we wouldn’t want anyone to get offended.

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